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Artwork and file prep

Find out how we would like to receive your art or if we have to have one of our many staff members create some art to enhance your brand.

screenprinting inks

check out some info of what is available to you and at our disposal for decorating your garments.




You might choose to decorate your apprel with embroidery which is a very professional and sometimes optimal option. Please keep in mind that you r art might need to be adjusted to make it work for embroidery. email us your art and we can give you some insight.


What is the difference in your headwear that you offer?

Good question. We offer domestic embroidery where we can decorate on a Flxfit hat or a domestically pre produced "prodution item" that any joe shmo down the street can get and have decorated. Minimums are usually 36 pieces per decortaion style. We also offer a much more custom option that we can produce in our factories from scratch , just for you and your brands needs. This headwear comes fully customizable  by you. panel colors, underbill colors, stitch colors, custom taping and relabeling and we embroider our headwear before it is sewn into a hat so the logo can be much larger. Minium on these is 144 pieces, 72 per size (SM/Med-L/XL)


Custom headwear examples


Click here for order process and fabric color chart


Flat bill flex fit hat design templates


Curved bill flex fit hat design templates


Flat bill snap back hat design templates


Curved bill snap back template


(you can have us layout hats for you as well for a small fee)



Once my merchandise is printed what finishing options do you offer?

We offer many kool added bonuses that you might not get from your average shop.

  • Printed labels inside garments (we must start with garments that have a tear away label so your items do not look trashy)

  • Folding and bagging

  • Flyer inserts

  • Hang tagging

  • Flag labeling


Do I have to pay set up charges everytime we order merchandise?

No. If you order the same design that you previously ordered and the size of the art does not change, then there is no additional set up. If you ordered black shirts or dark gaments on your first order and then change to light colored shirts and need to add another color such as black to the design to get it to show up then we will have to charge accordinly for the additional color. But, if you printed a red design on a black shirt and now want a blue design on a white shirt, then there is no extra art or film needed so your setup is handled. We have art from clients that printed a design 20 years ago and they still do not pay the set up again.


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