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Rough Artwork
If your design is not in the correct digital design format, we must convert it. We charge by the hour to perform this service and will provide an estimate of the time required to do so before any work is done. The quality of materials we work from will determine the cost and accuracy of the finished file.
• The largest, sharpest, cleanest original images available give the best results.
• Images poached from the web, faxed, or copied materials that are low resolution may not be acceptable and will be used for concept only.


Vector Based Art Files
Properly built vector design files are processed without additional art fees.
• All fonts must be converted to outlines
• Specify all colors as Pantone Solid Coated
• Properly built gradients are okay
• Transparency and other special effects usually require modifications.
• CorelDraw files must be exported as Illustrator, with fonts converted to outlines.
• In Design or Quark files must be submitted as EPS


Pixel Based Art Files
Adequate size and resolution is the key to quality. We do not use CMYK color separations. Most images are processed with specialized software to create a set of "Simulated Process Spot Color" separations. These are superior to CMYK, with a wider color gamut and the ability to print on colored shirts.
• 300 DPI at final print size is optimum, 200 DPI is minimal.
• Increasing image resolution of an undersized file usually makes it worse.
• RGB is preferred, but keep file in the mode you created it, don't convert RGB to CMYK or vice versa.
• Provide file with original creation layers when available to minimize color separation fees.
• JPEG file compression causes pixel damage, avoid using it as a file format.

Imprint Sizing
Standard prints can be as large as 15."w x 16."h
Oversize printing is available at an additional cost. (Up to 22.5"w x 19"h)
Unless you specify an exact design dimension, we will recommend a size that fits the artistic goal.

Our goal is to prepare your design to print at the highest possible quality.
If you have questions or need assistance, please e-mail or call us at (888) 244-8469 or (602) 943-9548.


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